Stand Up and Thrive

Achieve sustainable, enjoyable performance
at work and life.


This award-winning programme is
up your street if you’re thinking

 I want to live everyday connected to what is genuinely important to me

 I want to have good habits (without being obsessive)

 I want to make the most out of life – (without ruining it by trying too hard to #livemybestlife)

 I want to look after my wellbeing, grow my resilience, do meaningful stuff and be back in time for tea

 I want support from a group of warm, like-minded souls

 In short, I want to stand up and thrive

Imagine this…

Imagine making helpful habits automatic, looking after your wellbeing by default – rather than trying to cram work/life balance in at the edges.

Imagine being connected with what’s truly important to you and mastering a wealth of resilience strategies so that when
Fate next vomits on your duvet, you can absolutely handle it.

Interested? Then join the Stand Up and Thrive programme…

Why this is close to my heart

I’m not some mountain-top guru with perfect answers, but I am a fellow-traveller with a rucksack-full of tips and resources. I have spent two decades researching, experimenting and practising how to have the belief and confidence to ‘stand up’ and the habits and network to thrive. Everything I’ve found helpful – for me and my thousands of coachees – I’m pouring into this programme!

What’s provided?

This isn’t a flash in the pan, this is a year of support so you truly embed positive changes and reap significant results. There’s a minimum core hour of content each month, and beyond that a treasure trove of optional resources. You can join live events and/or use DIY resources to mesh with your interests and schedule:

      •  Monthly group coaching calls to celebrate your progress, review your learning and set your intentions for the month ahead
      •  Wellbeing workouts where we practice strategies right there and then. They are light-hearted, enjoyable sessions, but they’re incredibly effective for building your wellbeing muscles. Think Joe Wicks for your mind
      •  A stellar line up of experts to share their wisdom. Recent guests include Award winning comic Angie Belcher and best-selling author of ‘the sober diaries’ and ‘the authenticity project’ Clare Pooley 
      •  Brain food club: a monthly group discussion on a specific topic. You can opt to watch a quick video or totally immerse yourself in the recommended reading list articles and books. 
      •  Access to accountability buddies to encourage your progress
      •  A blend of helpful pep talks delivered straight to your email inbox and a self-service buffet of learning nuggets, in depth guides and demonstrated exercises. 


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Month one: from Meh to Mojo: how to get more fulfilment, flow and energy into work and life.

Month two: Purpose and Meaning: understanding what’s important to you. Closing the gap between what matters and how you spend your time.

Month three: Belief, confidence and creativity: finding the realistic ‘can’ in the ‘can’t’.

Month four: Habits: how to make helpful habits your automatic, ‘default setting’.

Month five: Goals and plans: how to make it happen (rather than daydream and procrastinate!!).

Month six: Taming demons: how to have a constructive chat with your inner critic.

Month seven: Nutritious networks: cultivating the connections who help you thrive. Building the skills and confidence to deal with ‘difficult’ people and have ‘challenging’ conversations. 

Month eight: Performing under pressure: how to thrive and avoid burnout.

Month nine: Boundaries and balance: integrating ‘work’ and ‘life’ into a sustainable whole.

Month ten: Rest & Recharge, Movement and Food: Discovering your version of genuine recuperation and the physical strategies to enhance your mental wellbeing.

Month eleven: Just do it: from wills and pensions to clutter and admin. Let’s roll our sleeves up and get it done… your future self will thank you!

Month twelve: Kindness, compassion and gratitude: How the sappy-sounding-soft-stuff not only multiplies your wellbeing, but is also the key to hard-nosed results.

Why now?

The pandemic knocked all our lives off their axes. Now is what psychologists call a ‘liminal’ state – an in-between bit. Like the chrysalis between a caterpillar and a butterfly, or the weird bit between a tadpole and a frog. This makes it uncomfortable and mushy.. Perhaps you’ve struggledfinancially, socially, mentally. Perhaps you’ve thrived and you don’t want to go
‘back to normal’. Either way, NOW is the time to embed good habits and banish bad. NOW is the time to recharge your batteries and get the support to ensure sustainable performance across work and life.

Interested? Then join the Stand Up and Thrive programme…
Harriet Beveridge

How does it work?

This a rotating year-long programme – like an MBA for your mental health. This means you can jump on at any month. You’ll have monthly group coaching calls to celebrate your progress, review your learning and set your intentions for the month ahead. There are regular wellbeing workouts where we get to practice strategies right there and then. They are light-hearted, enjoyable sessions, but they’re incredibly effective for building your wellbeing muscles. Every month has a theme, focussing on a scientifically proven strategy for improving your wellbeing. You’ll get exclusive access to a growing set of DIY online resources so you can immerse yourself in as much (or as little!!) as you like. There will also be a stellar line up of experts to share their wisdom. 

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Stand Up and Thrive


 A year of support and encouragement to grow your mojo

 A structured, step by step process, all grounded in solid scientific research

 Monthly, live coaching sessions to unlock your potential and keep you on track

 A treasure trove of self-service resources so you can deep dive into the areas that interest you most

 Access to a wealth of fabulous speakers, all extraordinary experts in their field, to inspire and inform

 Twelve energising ‘wellbeing workouts’ - think Jo Wicks for the soul

 A thought-provoking book club, with recommended reading and stimulating debate

 Accountability buddies to cajole you into action

 Joyful mini pep talks, lovingly pinged directly into your inbox

 The freedom to dive into as much or as little as you like

 A large dollop of laughter


Check out these Frequently Asked Questions.

The Thrive Guarantee 

The programme is designed so that right from the get go, you’ll learn powerful tips for nudging your resilience and wellbeing ever higher. If you try the resources for two months and aren’t getting value, I’ll refund you. It’s that simple.

Have you got a question?

If you are still intrigued but have some questions or concerns, get in touch: I absolutely loathe ‘hard’ selling. If it turns out that this isn’t right for you, or this isn’t the right time, no worries – so if you’ve questions you want answering before you decide, fill in the form below.