Meet Harriet

My dream is to save the world and be back in time for tea… I love my work and I want the time and headspace to see the family, get out paddling on the river, go mountain biking, watch comedy...

In the next couple of years, my goal is to profoundly help at least 1000 people stand up and thrive – for them to enjoy rewarding careers, pursue meaningful ‘big’ goals, but also to have the bandwidth to stop and smell the flowers. 

‘I’ve spent the last twenty years helping individuals and organisations stand up and thrive. I’ve got a rucksack full of strategies, tools and techniques which I’d love to share with you. 


What drives me

I’m very serious about the power of comedy. Humour can be the oven gloves to help us handle the hot stuff and the world of stand up provides refreshingly different, but highly practical strategies for corporate life. 

I’m an unashamed learning geek. I’m doing an MSc in the psychology and neuroscience of mental health. 

Highlights so far

Along the way I’ve written a bestselling business book (Will It Make the Boat Go Faster?) raised about £100k for charity, been a Samaritan befriender, invented a board game, run a marathon, jumped out of my bedroom window aged 10 to ‘see what would happen’, skydived, donated 30 pints of blood (not simultaneously), been featured on BBC Radio 4 and done comedy on BBC Radio4, got heckled by Keith Allen, and attended a workshop on peeling tangerines meaningfully….


I started my career as a management consultant with Ernst and Young. I’ve been a performance coach ever since. I’ve worked with folks from the board room through to the shop floor at clients as diverse as Jo Malone, Barclays, Screwfix, Freshfields, Rolls Royce and Frontier Economics. As well as my coaching qualifications, I’m a Mental Health First Aider, with certificates in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Mindfulness and much more.

Will It Make The Boat Go Faster

I'm an unofficial Non Exec Director of the company 'Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?' If you are an organisation wanting to define your strategic 'Crazy Goal' and align your folks around it, then check out their website here

How can I help?

I'd love to work with you and help you and your organisation stand up and THRIVE.