Executive Coaching 

Close the gap between what’s really important and how you spend your energy 

Harriet has twenty years’ experience coaching senior leaders to transform their performance. She’s warm and empathetic, whilst helping clients to see their contexts in a radically fresh light – removing roadblocks and spotting opportunities. She’ll also hold you to account: when you commit to take action, she’ll make sure you keep momentum.

Topics of particular expertise include:

 ☐ Building wellbeing, resilience and bouncebackability: How to keep performing when you’re facing a spike in pressure, but sustainably so you don’t burnout. How to bounceback when fate has vomited on your duvet. How to build habits so your ‘automatic setting’ is to look after yourself.

☐ Self-belief: battling imposter syndrome and perfectionism; practical strategies for building confidence (without becoming an arrogant jerk).

☐ Difficult conversations, tricky stakeholders, politics and networking: how to say what needs to be said in a way that will actually be heard and acted upon. How to work with challenging individuals and influence with integrity. How to keep your head in the midst of office politics. 

☐ Work life balance: Understanding what’s truly important to you – hobbies, causes, family life and more. Creating boundaries you’ll stick to and closing the gap between what’s really important to you and how you spend your time.

☐ Career planning, transitions and progression: how to create a pragmatic career plan so you enjoy your definition of a rewarding career. Avoiding getting stale, but making sure you pace yourself so that work and ‘life’ are integrated. Managing the transition from one role to another – or making a career switch.


 ‘The first step is to acknowledge stress. If we try and fight it, the tighter it’s grip’

Sue Harries, Kingfisher ecommerce Director ‘A real step change…helped me to move up to the next level effectively.’

Philippa Charles, Partner and Head of Dept, Stewarts ‘I would never have had the insight into my own drivers to make a decision to [step up to my current role] without your help. It has been transformative for me…I would use it again and recommend it to anyone.’

Przemek Milewicz, Head of Strategy SSE  “Harriet is a great listener and effective in quickly building rapport and trust. After every session I felt energised, inspired and fully committed to develop as a leader. 

Krissie Haigh, AXA ‘Excellent coach – very knowledgeable, listened, was patient and really supportive. The coaching experience was excellent, and I really benefitted’.

 ‘Habits are key. We need to keep lifting the weight to build the muscle’

Want to experience Harriet in action? Access her freeResource Rucksack’. At the height of the pandemic, Harriet put together a set of free coaching videos and guides to deal with uncertainty, fear, anger, overwhelm and more. 


How does Executive Coaching work? 

 Coaching is entirely confidential. It’s a chance for you to press ‘pause’ and reflect. Harriet’s not there to tell you what to do. She’s there to ask you searching questions to help you get clear on what’s important and what actions to take. She’s also there to hold you to account – to support you 100% to follow through on what you commit to doing. 

 The first step is a free chemistry call. You and Harriet can decide if you’ll work well together and start to explore your coaching goals. If you decide to go ahead you’ll both commit to a ‘coaching contract’ outlining how you’ll get the best out of each other and to a maximum of three or four goals to work on

☐ Next, it might be useful to get input from other people: is there a sponsor or manager who needs to know what you’re working on in the coaching? Would it be useful to get feedback from colleagues or clients? 

☐ Next comes the (typically ninety minutes) coaching sessions. There are a minimum of six sessions and they are often spaced roughly a month apart – but the spacing depends entirely on what you are working on. 

☐ Throughout the coaching period, you’ll be checking back in with other stakeholders if that’s relevant, including a celebratory catch up after the final session to reflect on all you’ve learnt and congratulate yourself on the massive progress you’ve made. 


Tell us a bit more about what you’d like to get from the coaching and have a no-strings-attached call with Harriet