๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ†Bang changes

Nov 09, 2021
Harriet Beveridge


This week in the UK was fireworks night, where we celebrate the Houses of Parliament not being blown up back in 1605.

The timing was a tad awkward, as Parliament is currently embroiled in both a corruption scandal and a very expensive physical rebuild. A lot of Brits are therefore wishing someone actually would put a rocket up the place so we can start afresh...

in a friendly yurt perhaps,

or a purpose-led organic coffee bar.

A hipster barista as Prime Minister feels strangely appealing.


As the perfect parent you know I am (lol), I ferried the family to the local fireworks display. Before we even got there, I'd managed to have a blazing row with the kids in the car, and dropped everyone at the wrong field.

During the event, one child managed to lose their phone, then ran off with my phone to use the light to try and find their phone. [If anyone was at the fireworks display in Bath and saw an adult running after a child shouting 'Give me the phone!! Give it to me NOW!!' This wasn't the aggrevated robbery it might have looked like].

What's my learn?

That rituals are there for a reason. Why bother going to all the faff of standing in a field to see some pretty lights?

  • Because it marks the transition to long dark winter nights. It acknowledges the change, rather than trying to deny it.
  • It also does it in a fun way. Who doesn't let out an involuntary 'Oooooh' and 'Aaaaah' at a burst of glittery silver in the sky (and the joyous reflective glint of a lost iPhone nestling in the grass)
  • The ritual of fireworks night demonstrates the upsides of the new darkness. Fireworks are a bit pants in bright summer sunshine. Winter has its benefits.

Today I've been talking to coachees about 'mini rituals' - daily rituals that help us mark a change and make the transition enjoyable e.g.:

  • A fake commute to work if you are working from home - walking round the block between having breakfast at the kitchen table and working at the kitchen table
  • Putting your phone 'to bed' in a separate location: 'Night night! Sweet dreams' to signal it's time to stop checking emails or doom-scrolling.

What rituals (big or small) might help you mark a milestone, honour a transition... or find the light in dark time?


1) Light. If you live far North from the equator, you don't have enought vitamin D to see you through winter - especially if you are dark-skinned. Deficieny can make us feel miserable. I'm not a qualified nutritionist, but the research I've read has convinced me to get outside for at least 15 minutes of sunshine a day... and to get Vitmain D into my diet or take a supplement to banish winter blues

2) Cuppa with Beveridge  Normally, this is every 2nd Friday of the month, but this month it's happening 2-2.45 UK time on Friday 19th November. It's free, live, group coaching - ONLY open to you lovely subscribers. A chance to acknolwedge your progress, share your learns and set intentions for the coming month...all in the company of warm, supportive, like-minded individuals.



Some internet jokes about fireworks that are so bad... they're brilliant...

A policeman came across a couple of boys eating  batteries and fireworks... He decide to charge one and let the other off.

I was fired today from my job as a fireworks co-ordinator...It was bang out of order. 

Q:What do you get when you throw a firework into a French kitchen?

A: Linoleum Blownapart and de-brie everywhere

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Have a lovely rest of the week. 

Take care