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Feb 08, 2022
Harriet Beveridge

Welcome to this week's Laugh, Learn, Leg Up email


I got blummin' Covid a couple of weeks ago (hence no laugh/learn/leg up email last week). One week of being knocked out, then a lot of looking out of my bedroom window judging people on their parallel parking skills. 

I got Covid in the most middle-class way imaginable. I didn't get on a London bus (which looked like Covid-soup), choosing instead to walk, dragging a suitcase up a large hill...

...thereby jiggering my elbow... 

I caught Covid off the physio. 


My big learn this fortnight has been about boundaries. How much do we (unconsciously) teach people how to behave around us?

As soon as those two lines appeared on my lateral flow stick I spoke to all my booked clients for the week and put an emphatic out of office on my email account. A seriously-back-off-unless-it-is genuinely-genuinely-going-to- scupper-you out of office.

The latest scientific research is unequivocal. Rest is vital. Recovery is vital. Not just for illness but for everyday performance. Want to solve a problem? Take a break. Want to deal with a tricky person? Sleep on it (not with it). Want to slow cognitive decline? Relax.

But even though I know this, and truly believe it... I took a sneaky peak at my inbox didn't I? And answered just one email. Just one before going back to bed.

What happened? 

They replied of course! Asking for more information

..and I got caught up in a totally unnecesary ping and pong. 

So, I respectfully challenge you to have a ponder. Where have you unnecessarily stitched yourself up this week? Where have you muddied your boundaries? Unintentionally shown people that it's OK to mess you around??!!

...and also please go and smell something lovely, don't take that gorgeous sense for granted!!


1) Webinar recording. Did everyone who wanted it get a copy of  Katia Chrysostomou's webinar recording? It was a brilliantly insightful session with a job-application-coach extraordinaire. If you want access, please email me at [email protected]  

2) Relax! If you want a sure fire way to unwind, remember this classic advert from the 80s. Made all the better knowing it's narrated by Miriam Margolyes!! click here for the cadbury bunny 


Some jokes about Covid that I now reckon I'm allowed to share...

The World Health Organization announced that dogs cannot contract COVID-19. Dogs previously held in quarantine can now be released. To be clear, WHO let the dogs out.